Paul WilliamsWelcome! My name is Paul Williams, and I’m a pantologist.

What’s a Pantologist?

A pantologist is someone who studies (-logist) all the things (panto-). It’s just a way of saying that I like to learn about many different things.

Why Be a Pantologist?

Because who wants to spend their entire life specializing in only one thing?

What’s This Website About?

Anything and everything. Whatever I happen to be learning about at the time. The topics will likely revolve around some of my favorite subjects – God, science, technology, and personal finance to name a few. But I’m not restricting myself to any single subject. This is a place to synthesize what I’m learning, share it, and record it for future use and reference.

I’m going to focus on things that I find interesting, and maybe you’ll find them interesting, too. If so, great. If not, that’s fine as well. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to contact me if you’d like!